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Honey Dates

The syrup is extract of carefully selected mature wholesome dates harvested exclusively in clean unpoluuted regions of the Middle East. It has a unique quality which is 100% Natural, delicious and energetic. The shelf life of the product is around 9 Months. It can be used for direct consumption instead of honey on bread or toast, instead of maple syrup on pancakes, as an ice cream topping, or for sweetening of coffee and tea or in dairy products, Jams and marmalades, Baking, Sauces and relishes, Soft drinks, Halwa, Confectionary and Energy substitute.

Honey Dates Grades:
The product is available in three grades of AAA, AA and A

Honey Dates Packings:
Available regular packings are 10-12.5 kg cartons.

Dates Sandards

In order to export, dates producers in Iran must observe the following conditions which are arranged by institute of standard & industrial research of Iran.

  • Without live vermin
  • Maximum verminous dates: 7%
  • Maximum other kinds and forms: 2%
  • Maximum crushed and damaged dates: 3%
  • Maximum percent of unripe dates: 2%
  • Maximum color variation dates: 3%
  • Maximum external material: 6%
  • Maximum black and dark cap: 9%

Note 1: These conditions relate to sayer kind and other kinds of dates have a little different conditions.

Note 2: Percentage of moisture in each kind is different from other kinds. For example moisture of sayer and zahedi is about 16% to 18% but moisture of mazafati and kabkab is about 20% to 22%

Commercial packing: Dates packs in 10-12.5 kg carton.
Small packing: Dates packs in 500 gr to 1 kg cellophane Package.

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